Who is this chick?

Hi Everyone!

I feel like the only appropriate way to start a blog is with a proper introduction.  My name is Leah.  I am not really “from” any one place. No, not an army brat.  Just life throwing a lot of curve balls. I most recently relocated from Nashville, TN to Raleigh, NC. If you are going to ask, yes, I absolutely miss Nashville.  That being said, I am learning to love North Carolina and all it has to offer! I feel like I can officially say I am a southern girl now (proud of it).  I am happily married with two crazy cute pups and one sassy cat.  Don’t worry, you will probably see too much of them. No, this is definitely not my main gig. I work full-time and investing the rest of my time to make this my “side-hustle”.

 Why Blog?

I will be the first to admit, I was unsure about starting on this journey.  I know blogging is a lot of work, extremely time-consuming, and it seems like every middle-class woman in america has their own blog.  I personally felt like I have been at a crossroads with my life and honestly have been praying for direction for some time now.  I am not sure yet if this is the direction I have been looking for, but in the meantime, this blog has been therapeutic and a creative outlet for me.  If you know me though, I rarely do anything ‘halfway’, so if I am going to do this, I wanted to do it the RIGHT way.  Therefore what is the first thing you do?  For me, that’s research. When I started to research on what to blog about, or how to go about it the right way, I was able to get three main pieces of advice that really helped me shape this blog and what I wanted it to be.

 I received three main pieces of advice that helped me shape this blog.

The first piece of advice that I received was to blog what you are passionate about. Well, I am passionate about a lot.  I truly believe in living life to the fullest.  My opinion? You can sleep when you are dead.  Go on the adventure.  Spend the extra money. Get up a little earlier.  Stay up a little later.  Read the extra book.  Run the extra mile. Have the glass of wine.  With that being said, I believe finding the balance of life is the key to success and I hope my blog reflects that.

The second biggest piece of advice I received was to blog about what your friends ask you for advice on.  This one was an immediate ‘light-bulb’ for me.  I get asked for advice on two things all the time, hair and make-up recommendations. I don’t believe anyone needs to wear make-up or hair products to look beautiful. However, for those who are looking for some good products, I have so many that I would love to recommend. I really got into beauty products a few years ago and I have learned ALOT. I have tried a TON, from the more affordable products to the top of the line. I am definitely not a ‘beauty blogger’ BUT I have definitely gained a lot knowledge that I would love to share (if people want to read it, LOL).

The last piece of advice I received was to blog about something that fills a need.  As a Catholic woman, I believe there is a huge need for a larger presence of Catholicism in the social media world.  I believe the Catholic Church is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented religious faiths.  I hope this blog serves as a source of information for those with questions as well as a place of encouragement for those who are in need of a ‘social media refuge’.  I will never shy away from the “tough” questions, as I too asked those same questions (I converted to Catholicism).  I am an avid reader of Scott Hahn, Robert Barron, etc. and love theological discussion.

*Disclaimer- This picture is couple years old #sorrynotsorry