5 Travel Must Haves

5 Travel Must Haves

Full disclosure, I am totally THAT girl at the airport who is just traveling for a couple days that packs the 100lbs bag, along with her oversized purse, stuffed book bag, and whose husband is carrying a small carry on – also half filled with her stuff. Not proud of it, but I own it (#YOLO).  I am getting ready to head on my next adventure tomorrow (yay!) but it is just for the weekend.  Literally, I fly in at midnight on Friday, and get home Sunday afternoon.  As I was starting to do my ‘usual’ packing routine (my ‘usual’ includes bringing my full-size blow dryer with me on my carry-on), it dawned on me that I did NOT want to have to check a bag.  The last thing I am going to want to do when I fly in is have to go to the luggage carousel and wait for my bag and lug it around.  I then had a new resolve that I WOULD make a carry on work (where there is a will, there is a way right?). In my determination to make everything fit within a 9x14x22 bag (airline guidelines-yes, I looked them up), I realized there are just certain items that I CANNOT travel without.  No, but really, I WILL find a way for them to come along with me.  All of these items come with me everywhere I go and I swear by them.  They are all practical and relatively inexpensive!

1. Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Travel Size Ulta – $13.00

This product… oh my goodness let me tell you about this product. If I ever do any other list of beauty products, this will probably be my #1 again. This, hands down, maybe just one of my favorite products OF ALL time. Why? First, because finding a good dry shampoo is so dang hard (especially if you have dark hair!)! I tried at least 6 different ones and they all either, didn’t actually work, left my hair looking like the top of the rocky mountains, or made my hair feel extremely crunchy. I can tell you, this product works!!! This product really cleans your hair, like run your fingers through it clean. For those with darker hair, no, this does not leave any white residue! I literally have gone for a whole week without washing my hair under water because of this stuff (Not sure if I am embarrassed or proud to tell you that). Bonus, about this dry shampoo? It smells amazing! Why is this a must have to travel? Because you never know what will happen when traveling and I never want to be up a creek without a good dry shampoo.

*Disclaimer, the PhD Dry Shampoo pictured is the full-size, not the travel size

2. Too Faced Better Than Sex MascaraProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

Travel Size Ulta- $12.00

Okay, if you follow pretty much any beauty blogger, you have probably heard about this mascara. If you haven’t, let me introduce you to it! Meet my best friend. I have been using this mascara for years. I have the shortest, straightest, stubbiest, lightest colored lashes on the planet. If I don’t wear mascara, they basically don’t exist. This mascara has saved. my. life. It is smooth, dark, adds length, and lasts all day. Seriously, what else do you want? I recently tried to step out of the box and try another well-reviewed mascara. In the words of Julia Roberts, BIG mistake. HUGE. This mascara is my tried and true. Why travel with it? If I am running late or waking up early to catch a flight, a few swipes of a quality mascara can make all the difference in the world.

3. Lancome Crème Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam CleanserProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

Ulta- $26.00

Yes, I know this one is little pricey. I will fess up and say, my first time getting this was a gift from my mom. This is definitely one of those items that yes, it is a splurge, but if you are on the look out for a good face

wash, this is it! I have combination skin and I can never seem to find a face wash that doesn’t either make me break out, or makes my skin dry and flaky. This face wash is magical at balancing my skin out and making it feel silky smooth! Another bonus, even though it is pricey, a very little bit goes a loooong way. I have had the travel size for over three months and still have a good amount left. Why is this coming with me? When I am traveling, particularly going through crowded airports, I don’t trust hotel face washes to really clean my face. Already have this little beauty all packed up and ready to go!

4. Urban Decay – All Nighter Liquid FoundationProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

 Ulta – $40.00

Okay, I know. You probably got sticker shock, but hear me out! I have used this foundation for OVER A YEAR and I wear this foundation almost EVERY DAY. This foundation has awesome coverage, in fact, I don’t even use concealer because this works so well. As the name suggests, it also really lasts all day and all night. This is just an all around quality product. Why travel with it? Traveling always includes long days. Long flights, early mornings, the last thing I want to be doing is re-applying my make-up. Especially for all of those gorgeous instagram travel photos. 😉

5. Travel Size Silicone Toiletry ContainersProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

Amazon – $19.99 (Set of 4)

You may be wondering why I have included this on here. Well, I really like using my own shampoos and conditioners if at all possible. I would prefer not to have to buy “travel size” versions of them, when I already have big bottles of shampoo and conditioner ready to go. That leaves one option, travel containers. I have always hated those little hard plastic toiletry containers because I would always get so nervous they would crack, break, leak and are such a pain to clean because you can never really get in there, so they would end up being thrown away and just a waste of money! I stumbled across these silicone life-savers when I was shopping in Target getting some last minute supplies for our last Caribbean cruise. I am now OBSESSED. They can be taken apart, won’t break, completely leak-proof, and you can really squeeze them into small spaces in your suitcase because they are soft and bendable. Best part? Totally reusable! I tried to find the ones I have on the Target website, but for whatever reason, they don’t seem to be there. However, it looks like Amazon has a few great ones as well (of course they do right? What does Amazon NOT have?).