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Austin, Texas has been on my bucket list for a LONG time.  This weekend, I finally got to check it off my list! (Woohoo, cue music, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’).  I will have to preface this post with the fact that I was there for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party and was only there for only a day and a half, so quite literally, it was a whirlwind and I am obviously no expert of the area by any means!  However, even in that short period of time we got to go to some awesome places, see some iconic land marks, and have some awesome food. Another disclaimer, I made a newbie blogger move… while I took as many photos as I could of all the cool things I saw, I legitimately have no photos of myself in them *facepalm*.  Rookie mistake, Leah…Rookie mistake.  I swear, I did actually go and I was actually there.

Halcyon Mueller

I flew into Austin at midnight on Friday night, so my trip didn’t really start until the following morning.  We got up in the morning and decided to head out to brunch (I mean what else do a bunch of white girls do on a sunny Saturday?).  We went to this adorable place called Halcyon Mueller and it. was. ah-mazing. First, when you walk in it has very modern/metro vibe and for whatever reason there were so many dads with babies (cue all the heart eyes)! I don’t know if this was just an odd coincidence or a common occurrence?  But regardless the atmosphere was great.  It was 90 °F with clear skies so of course we sat outside on the patio!  We all got various drinks and food.  BONUS: You get $1 mimosas with the purchase of a meal during brunch! We each got mimosas to start. I ordered the cardamom pear mimosa and it was heaven in a glass (see pictured below).  It was so unique and was sprinkled lightly with cinnamon (I think it was cinnamon?).  The regular mimosas were great as well, but let’s be real, what mimosas aren’t? I also ordered the Veggie Monster to eat and it was DELICIOUS.  I love fresh goat cheese, and that just added an extra touch of delicious (also pictured below). However, while the mimosas and food were great, it is not what brought us back the next day.

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The Veggie Monster


The Cardamom Pear Mimosa

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Okay, now, can all my bloody mary girls please stand up?!

*raises hand* Yeah….about these bloody mary’s…. I am about to make a bold
statement. It took some contemplation for me to reach this conclusion, but I stand firm by it now.  BEST. BLOODY. MARY. I have ever had.  Now, I did not just get a regular bloody mary either I got the “Bacon Tomato Bloody Mary”.  It literally had a giant, thick, perfectly cooked full piece of bacon in it, the right amount of heat, a freshly squeezed lime, olive, and tomato.  Now, if that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.  Also, for the record, I am not alone in this statement, one of my best girlfriends got this glass of deliciousness as well and we literally had the same thought afterwards.  We were so moved by this tomato juice perfection that we ended up going back the next morning just to get another one.  In summary, if you want to try a great place, relaxed atmosphere, and try the worlds best Bloody Mary. I highly recommend this place!

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Tomato Bacon Bloody Mary

South Congress- Farmers and Makers Market

After brunch, we headed to the South Congress area to do a little site seeing.  South congress is the street that looks straight down to the state capital, quintessential Austin.  As we were walking we came across the Farmers and Makers Market.  I could probably write a whole post about this little market.  I had no intention of doing any shopping, but this was no ordinary market! I was tempted at almost every single shop we walked passed! From beautiful succulents (which I am now obsessed with), to aroma therapy candles, to handmade jewelry galore!  Ladies, hide your pocketbooks at this place, because it reminded me of Target.  You don’t tell the market what you want, the market tells you what you want.  The market told me I wanted these earrings from Stitch and Stone and oh man… was it right (pictured below)!  I may actually re-do my entire wardrobe just to so I can have more outfits that go with it.  I kid you not, I spent at least 20 minutes contemplating which pairs of earrings to get.  I had at least five pairs that I wanted, but decided to go with my favorite two (your welcome hubs).  If you love unique but fashionable pieces of jewelry, seriously, go check out their etsy shop! (#supportsmallbusiness).  I may need to fact check on this, but I am pretty sure that every single girl in our group bought at least something, but most bought more multiple things! If you are ever in Austin, on South Congress, from 11-5 on a Saturday, seriously go walk around this market!!

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Stitch and Stone! Swooning over their earrings.

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My new obsession from Stitch and Stone.

The Famous “Austin Postcard” Mural

I will be honest, not too much to say here except, I feel like this sign is so iconic you have to at least drive by and get a picture.  If you are not sure where to find it, that is not surprising!  It is NOT where I would have expected.  In fact, it was a beautiful, sunny, warm, crazy busy day in Austin and there was like NO ONE at this sign! (Say whhhaattt?)  Yeah, I did not expect that at all. It is literally tucked away near south congress in a neighborhood.  If you want to find it on a map, I have linked the location here!  Although, nothing too noteworthy to mention except that if you have a couple minutes extra, I would recommend stopping by, even for a quick photo!  *Pictured Above*

 “Floppy Disk Repair Shop”

Okay, now for the coolest thing I did in my 24 hours in Austin.

Mmm... Hair Smells Pretty.jpg

After we rested at the house for a little while and played some games we went out on the town for the night.  We went to a secret speakeasy that you actually need a code to get into it.  When I say secret, I am sort of not kidding.  It isn’t just a bar that not everybody knows about. You legit have a numeric code that has to be punched into a dial pad that unlocks the door.  Yeah, it is as cool as it sounds. No, the speakeasy isn’t called Floppy Disk Repair Shop. That is just the ‘front’ for it, it is actually called the Red Headed Stepchild.  You literally would walk right passed it if you didn’t know it was there, there are no markings or signs on the front to identify it as a bar except for the one conspicuous bouncer in front of a hard to see black door. When you walk in it is pretty small and dark with tons of interesting décor.  Everyone, please excuse my language on this, but I got the ‘Basic B****’ drink and it was delicious!! Another awesome thing?  The bar literally has SWINGS that hang from the ceiling that you can sit on.  Now, you may be asking, how on earth do you get the code?  Honestly, I have no idea.  Haha, sorry y’all! I was lucky enough to be with a friend who lives in Austin who got it from a friend at her work.  I am sure if you did enough asking around, or digging on the internet you would be able to get it (maybe?) honestly, I don’t know how exclusive these codes are.  However, if you ever get the chance to visit the ‘Floppy Disk Repair Shop’, definitely do it!! The experience is definitely worth the visit!!

Well, another whirlwind of an adventure down… on to the next one!!

Bon voyage travelers!