My (Reluctant) Thoughts on the Met Gala ‘Heavenly Bodies’ Theme

I can’t believe I am actually posting this. I honestly had no intent on commenting on this subject whatsoever. That is… until I had a conversation with my wise dear mother who reminded me, “Well Leah, I mean if you really do have a blog that is based on the idea of being ‘unflitered’ and ‘Catholic’, it doesn’t seem right for you not to share your thoughts on a controversial topic that directly relates to Catholicism”. …. Touché Mom. Touché. (Gosh dangit, now I have to…)

Why I didn’t want to comment on this….

I haven’t really talked about this but one thing you will NEVER see me comment on in this blog- politics. Why? Because everyone has their beliefs, STRONG beliefs, when it comes to politics. No blog post, no online argument has ever changed someone’s mind. My religion is also not a political party so yeah- I am good without the politics. So, why did I not want to comment on the Met Gala theme? Honestly- it is clear that people have very strong opinions on this topic and I completely understand and respect both perspectives. I also recognize that this blog post is not going to change anyone’s minds so I really don’t feel like spending a lot of time on this BUT some people have asked for my opinion so in a nut shell… here is my unfiltered opinion.

Unfiltered (Respectful) Opinion

Long story short, I totally respect those who have strong opinions (and I love seeing healthy conflict in action) but I promise you, I am not losing sleep over what some celebrities wore to their fancy event. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. I honestly don’t feel that this topic deserves this much attention. No, I am not doing the thorough research on where people stand on this and why – I also know most everyone will tell me I need to. While I respect where you stand, respect that this will not be a focus for meYes– I recognize that this Gala could very well be perceived as a ‘mockery’ of Catholicism (it very well could be) and yes, I recognize that this Gala could very well be perceived as a ‘celebration’ of Catholicism in a secular setting (which is almost unheard of). Yes– I recognize that if the Gala theme was almost any other religion the world would be up in arms and yes– I recognize that the outfits of the Met Gala were generally very tastefully done. What else do I recognize? I recognize that I do not expect the world to have a thorough understanding of the deep and spiritual imagery of the Catholicism and what it means to those who are Catholic. I do not expect the world (certainly not Hollywood) to understand my belief system. If you have that expectation- be prepared to be frustrated and disappointed frequently. Do I want to change that? Absolutely but do I think the Met Gala had any impact on that other than pitting Catholics against one another? Nada.

I have been directly insulted for being Catholic multiple times- its nothing new y’all and it doesn’t get under my skin anymore. Not saying that I shouldn’t care about that (trust me I have no problem correcting people when needed) but I believe that this speaks to a much bigger issue about how the Church and its followers are perceived. I can promise you that this negative perspective will not be (and has not been) changed by one Hollywood event. I fail in my faith daily but when I meet my Lord and He asks me about all the times I failed him – I doubt, “Where did you stand on the Met Gala theme in 2018?” will be one of them. You want to change that perspective? You want to change the narrative? Want to defend the one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church best? My opinion? By being the best Catholic you know how to be – living the faith fully, studying it diligently, advocating for those less fortunate, giving to those who need it, and loving His people (which is everyone). Do this while being relentlessly, unceasingly, lovingly, unapologetically Catholic and I believe you will make more waves than any Met Gala – or Met Gala inspired arguments – could ever accomplish.

Disclaimer (I know I always have these): If hadn’t made this clear. This post is not meant to change your mind so there is no need to ‘debate’ me on this. There is a strong chance this going to make some people very angry and I may lose followers. I will take ownership of that.  You are welcome to express you approval/disapproval (I will never censor people on here) BUT please know – I will not be commenting on this further. This is purely an expression of my opinion that I am posting simply to be as open and honest as possible for those who are interested in it.