What a time to be “unapologetically Catholic”

I wanted to share some thoughts that I put into words on my most recent Instagram post.

“What a time to be ‘unapologetically Catholic’…

The Church has a long history. In its history there have been some men and women in it who have committed sickening atrocities. To gloss over this I think does a disservice to understanding what the Church IS. Men who have failed at their vocation do not get to define what it means to be Catholic nor do they get to represent my faith. My Catholicity has never rested on the righteousness of others. I have been to enough churches in my life to know that my hope does not rely in men.

I am angered and I am saddened. We should hold ourselves and our leaders to the highest possible standards – Christ’s standards. Anything less, shouldn’t be acceptable. It’s okay to be angry and hurt. You should be. The world is watching Christ’s bride and I am sickened at what they get to see. However, sinful men do not get redefine what it means to be Catholic. The atrocities of some do not stain the holiness of millions others and the holy institution of what the Church IS and what it teaches.

To the victims of ANY wrongdoings at the hands of those within the Church: my heart breaks with you and is angered for you. There is nothing I can say that can mend your wounds but know that I am so sorry. I am so sorry that the place you were told to turn to for comfort, for safety, for love only brought you pain and suffering. You deserve so much more than this world has to offer.

To the righteous within the Church: You want to change the narrative? You should. Demand it. Be outraged. Most importantly, be the change. Now more than ever is the time to be unapologetically loving, humble, kind, selfless, giving, and Catholic.

Truth and love is what brought me here and truth and love is what will always keep me here.”

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