Operation: In with the Good, Out with the Bad.

As I feel most Catholics can agree, I have felt a range of emotions the last few days.  I have been frustrated, pissed off, hurt, ashamed, saddened, you name it.  All of these by the way, are justifiable. I am still incredibly frustrated with some our leaderships lack of outrage (trust me, my bishop will be getting a letter from me).  However, I have realized that we cannot forget about our righteous, humble, selfless, inspiring, caring, priests who have given their lives to this vocation to serve others.  I have wanted to ‘do’ something positive.  Not to gloss over the atrocities, but to create positive change. I want those who do not embody Christ OUT of our Church leadership, just as much as I want those who DO embody Christ IN our Church.

In this spirit, I want to introduce you to, “Operation: In with the Good, Out with the Bad.” If you know a priest or deacon that has made a difference in your life or in the lives of others – I want to know about it.  If you want to just say thank you to a priest for his inspiring homily’s or his kindness that he showed you – I want to know about it. Was a priest just as outraged as you? Did it inspire you? Tell me those stories.  Write them a letter and send to me.  I want names and diocese (or either or).  My purpose? I want to compile as many as I can and I will create a blog post that I want to share.  I want to share it with all the priests and deacons (with your help) who need to hear and be reminded of the difference they are making.  They are so needed.  They are so appreciated.

Email me, message me, however you want to get it to me.  Please submit to me by Friday, August 24.

Email:  operationinwiththegood@gmail.com

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