Who Is This Chick?

Hey all!!

Yup, another chick with a blog. I feel like the best way to introduce myself is to do a sort of Q&A with some of the obvious questions:

Who are you?

Well, I guess I can start here. My name is Leah! I am a happily married mid-twenties chicka with two crazy pups and one very sassy cat. My husband and I recently relocated from Nashville, TN to Raleigh, NC (about a year ago now) due to my husbands job.  I guess you can officially say we are ‘southerners’ now.

What should I know about you?

I like to think I am pretty fun (Am I allowed to say that about myself?).  I love my coffee with a lot of cream, my tea with extra honey, and my popcorn with extra butter (#YOLO). I try not to take myself too seriously, while at the same time, not ignoring topics that are important.  I am fairly outspoken, super giggly, and extremely talkative ( I could talk for two hours about the piece of toast I had yesterday).  Oh, and fun fact, that drives my husband up a wall 😉 . My husband is a die-hard West Virginia University fan. Yeah, we are totally those people on the street with the giant flag, stickers on every car, and jerseys on our dogs. I’ve learned to embrace it and have been deemed an honorary Mountaineer. Lastly, but most importantly, one of my favorite past-times is watching the Office for the 15,000th time (let’s be real, whose isn’t?).

Why blog?

This is a really good question.  Man, has this answer evolved.  The answer I am giving today is definitely NOT the same answer I would have given six months ago.  What originally brought me here is definitely not what keeps me here.  I started ‘LifeAsLeahKnows’ in the Spring of 2018.  ‘LifeAsLeahKnows’ was conceived as a result of great personal frustration, something I definitely wouldn’t have been able to verbalize six months ago. One thing to know about me is that I actually earned my Masters degree in 2016.  That may not seem like an important fact, but it significantly impacted who I am today. Until graduation, everything in my life had completely revolved around my academic career.  Seriously, it was everything to me. It was my source of pride, my validation, and where I drew my personal value.  I poured my heart and soul into being successful in it. Eat. Research. Draft. Edit. Write. Shower. Write some more. Repeat. This was my life for years.

After graduation and my academic writing ‘career’ ended, it left me with a deep and profound sense of frustration.  No more deadlines.  No more research topics.  No more thesis statements.  Most significantly, no more ‘A’s’.  No more ‘4.0’. No more recognition.  It left me with a void that I didn’t even know was being filled. This void led me here… to the creation of ‘LifeAsLeahKnows’.  I originally thought this blog would be more of a ‘beauty/lifestyle’ blog. (LOL!) I quickly came to the realization that is not where my heart lies.  I crave intellectual discussion, thorough research, and challenging writing.  My hope for this platform is to go so far beyond a beauty/lifestyle blog.  I am not super fashionable. I am not the most crafty or handy.  I don’t have a bunch of awesome ‘life hacks’ and I am definitely not a beauty expert.  With ‘LifeAsLeahKnows’ I hope to bring authenticity, Christ-centered femininity, raw theological discussion, and well-rounded academic style writing to the wonderful wide world of the internet in a balanced way.  I want to break stereotypes on what it means to be unapologetically Catholic in the 21st century, bring important topics to the table, while encourage others to be their unapologetically feminine, unfiltered, and Catholic selves – whatever that looks like.